Parents are required to provide lunch for their children everyday, either through our hot lunch service or preparing a lunch from home. Our hot lunches are catered from “A Catered Experience” and are available every full school day of the week. Lunches are delivered in separate, individual containers. Menus are pre-ordered and placed on a monthly basis. Preschool children are served milk, a USDA requirement. If your child is allergic to milk, a physician’s note is required to permit any substitution and must be renewed every school year.

Order due dates are printed on the monthly menus, and payment is debited via FACTS.  Orders must be on time as late orders will not be accepted. There are no refunds or adjustments for any absences (prescheduled, unscheduled, excused or unexcused).  If there is pre-planned field trip and lunch has already been ordered, an adjustment will be made at the time of billing.  Due to health standards, food that is not consumed during lunchtime must be discarded.

Please be sure to order from the correct menu based on your child's grade.

due by June 27th 5:30pm

Click Here: PRESCHOOL July/August Lunch Order

Click Here to order: KINDER-HS July/August Lunch

MONTHLY Lunch Menus

PRESCHOOL july/august 2024 menu

KINDER-hs july/aug 2024 menu