Warriors Athletics

Pearl Harbor Christian Academy is a member of the Lutheran Schools Sports League.

The stated Mission of Pearl Harbor Christian Academy is “Committed to God and Academic Excellence.” At the heart of PHCA is a desire to see God glorified by preparing our students spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically to represent God with excellence in whatever capacity He may call them to serve. We encourage inter-scholastic athletics because we believe that competitive experiences contribute significantly to the development of character, self-confidence, team work and school spirit. It is our belief that athletics is a useful and impactful tool to help a child’s overall development. To this end we acknowledge the following principles to define our program and our approach to athletics.

1. The athletic program like the rest of the programs at PHCA exists to glorify God. Thus, our first measure of success is by the character of our coaches, our athletes and our program. Although winning is the desired outcome, it is not our main goal. Our main objective is to glorify God.

2. Whatever we do, we will do it heartily, as unto the Lord. (Col. 3:23)

  • We will plan, prepare, practice, and compete to win.
  • We will provide the best equipment we can.
  • We will provide coaches that desire to honor God.
  • We are committed to excellence and we will measure ourselves by an unwavering commitment to improve for the ultimate purpose of glorifying Jesus Christ.

3. We compete with Integrity. Even though we strive to succeed and to win, we will not sacrifice the integrity of our Christian witness by lying, cheating or participating in any other form of deceitfulness on or off the field of play.

4. We play with Honor and Respect. When we win, it will be with humility and respect. Likewise, when we suffer defeat it will also be accepted graciously. At no time will it be appropriate to get involved, either verbally or physically, in any altercation stemming from athletic competition.

5. We will promote and build Character and Integrity. Participation will help develop a responsibility to oneself and to others through understanding the values of dedication, persistence, hard work, sacrifice and team work. These values will equip our students with the character and integrity needed to be a positive influence on their community in whatever capacity God calls them to.

  • We seek to honor Christ in our conduct.
  • We will support and encourage our student-athletes during the game.
  • We will show love and respect to the opposing team and their fans.
  • We will respect the judgments of the officials.
  • We will support the decision-making of our coaches.

Athletic Forms