Pearl Harbor Christian Academy is dedicated to maintaining a staff of qualified educators who have an unwavering devotion to Jesus Christ with a desire to teach a high level academic core that is integrated with biblical truths and share the Word of God to every student that God entrust in our care.

We are committed to working with parents toward their children’s spiritual, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. Our desire is to help students be successful and reach their full potential in Christ. (2 Timothy 2:15).

Our Staff Members Are . . .

First and foremost, all staff have a clear testimony of their salvation and faith in Jesus Christ. Applicants must also demonstrate regular fellowship at Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor (CCPH) or within a church body that is doctrinally in-line with and approved by CCPH. For faculty positions, applicants should have the desired experience and be able to obtain ACSI certification in Early Education, Teaching, or Administration as applicable.

We want those who desire to be here as a ministry. It is not just a job. We know there are definitely better paying jobs available, which may offer more benefits, and fewer hours. Those who have committed to be at PHCA are convinced that this is where God wants them to serve and we are looking for co-laborers who feel the same way.

Applicants who fill out their applications hurriedly, sloppily, incompletely, with misspelled words or poor grammar will not be given serious consideration; and should reconsider whether or not to apply at PHCA.

We want individuals who are driven by a love for Jesus Christ, a love for learning, a love for children and are motivated to help our students succeed, both academically and in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
Called of God: Being a true ministry, we desire our employees to have a clear calling